Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Can I deposit luggage overnight ?

     Yes, you can storage your luggage in lockers overnight but not longer than 7 days.

     If you would like to deposit longer than 7 days, please inform us via phone or email or Facebook messenger in advance. 

Q2. Can I open the storage box to store more or to put something out and keep storing ?

     No, the storage service is for only 1-time use.

     If you opened the storage box with QR code or Thai ID card or passport, the storage process will be completed.

     And the storage box cannot be opened with the scanned QR code. 

Q3. How can I open the locker if I lost my QR-code ?

     You can still open the locker by entering password you created.

Q4. How can I open the locker if I unfortunately lost my QR-code forgot password ?

     In this case, please contact to our staff by phone or email or Facebook messenger.

     We will help you to open the locker. But you will be fined for 300 THB for opening each locker.

Q5. Can I take a photo of QR-code with mobile phone and use it to open the locker, instead of slip paper 

    Yes, you can do like that but we don't recommend

     because in some case QR code cannot be read due to quality of photo lighting.

Q6. How do I know the storage box is still available to use? and can I book for storage box in advance?

     No, we can't check or book storage box in advance.