Terms of Use

1. Service Date & Time

     LEFTaLUG (Self-luggage storage locker) opens everyday, but service time is depended on location

2. Prohibited items & objects

     2.1 Animal, living creatures, perishable products (food, etc.)

     2.2 Weapons, explosives, toxic, dangerous substances, luggage containing inflammable materials,

           hazardous chemical, radioactive material or others which may damage to life and assets

     2.3 Illegal substances (drug, etc.)

3. Payment & Price

     3.1 Lockers can accept Thai banknotes (20, 50, 100 THB) and coins (1, 2, 5, 10 THB)

     3.2 Lockers can refund and return in coins (10 THB)

     3.3 Lockers will request for initial storage fee before allowing users to open storage box.

           The amount of initial storage fee is varied by size of storage boxes as shown in below price chart

     3.4 At luggage collection, the storage fee will be automatically calculated from your actual storage duration,

           and deducted with the initial storage fee (from 3.3). You may be requested to pay more in case of 

           the amount of the actual storage fee is greater than the initial storage fee you paid.

     3.5 Storage fee calculation

           - Deposit & collect in the same day ; storage fee will be calculated in hourly rate - varies by size of storage boxes

           - Collect in nexy days (overnight) ; storage fee will be calculated in hourly rate for the first day of deposit,

              and in daily rate for the next days of deposit - varies by size of storage boxes

4. Limit of storage duration

     4.1 Overnight storage is allowed but not longer than 7 days, counting from the 1st day of deposit

     4.2 After 7 deposit days, the deposited luggage will be moves to other proper place without any notification

            Luggage's owner must contact LEFTaLUG's staffs in operation time to collect the luggage

            The storage fee of exceeding 7 deposit days will be charged as 300 THB / storage box / day)

     4.3 After 30 deposit days, the deposited luggage will be destroyed without any notification,

            unless ther is confirmation of cellection from uggage's owner in advance

5. Rights & Responsibilities

     5.1 LEFTaLUG ang managing companies reserve the right to open storage boxes, to examine contents of the              

            deposited luggage when there is strong suspicion of prohibited items listed above without any notification

     5.2 LEFTaLUG and managing companies reserve the right to move and destroy the deposited luggage found of        

            prohibited items or dangerous substances listed above without any notification 

     5.3 LEFTaLUG and managing companies are not responsible for the custody of objects, and not respond

            in case of loss, theft, or damage - whatever its cause, nor the potential losses that may arise for users

     5.4 Users of the lockers are entirely responsible for any damage and loss caused to lockers or third parties assets

            from the use of lockers or deposited items

6. Help & Fine

     6.1 Contact LEFTaLUG's call center for any help & support

     6.2 In case of unable to open the storage box due to QR-code damaged or lost, your registered document

           (Thai ID or passport) can be insteadly used to open the storage boxes

     6.3 In case of unable to open the storage box due to lost of QR-code and registered document (Thai ID or passport),

            please contact LEFTaLUG's staffs in operation time to open your storage boxes.

            Additional 500 THB will be fined on top of storage fee